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I know eggs can be gifted to the player, like with the Togepi eggs in HGSS and B2/W2. Are there any other eggs gifted to the player in the games XY, ORAS, SM, or USUM? Is there another way to obtain Pokemon eggs?

On a separate but related note, what are all the Pokemon gifted to the player in XY and ORAS?


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For Eggs:

In Crystal the day care man gives you an egg with a random baby Pokémon that has high chance of being shiny.

In the Hoenn games, RSE,ORAS there is a Wynaut egg you can get at lavaridge town.

In FRLG, there is a Togepi egg somewhere I forgot.

In Platnium I think Cynthia gives you a Togepi egg in Eterna City, not in DP tho.
In DP tho, a hiker gives you an egg with Happiny, but not in Pt.
In DPPt Riley gives you the Riolu egg in iron island.

In BW, there is a Larvesta egg available in a house on route 18

In BW2 you can get a Happiny egg from a Pokémon breeder somewhere.

X/Y has barely any gift Pokémon compared to previous games and has no egg Pokémon gifts.

In Gen 7, a Pokémon breeder at Paniola Ranch gives you an Eevee Egg.

Also I think you can trade them.

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Also in us/um [not sure about s/m] you get an egg at the ranch [i think in every game you do so please include that]