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Been playing Pokemon White 2 lately, and I've noticed Frillish seems really good. I have 7 badges, and I'm wondering if I should get Frillish or Azumarill. My Azumarill's moveset is Bounce, Slam, Surf, and Superpower
My team is: Lucario, Darmanitan, Azumarill, Serperior, Scolipede, and Unfezant.

Please let me know which water type I should get, and if I should swap out any members of my team for a different Pokemon. Thanks! :)

I think Azumarill is better because its ability lets you defeat regular trainers more easily. You should teach it waterfall or aqua tail to take advantage of huge power and STAB.
Alright. What move should I forget for one of those two moves because I feel my moveset now is pretty good, and it cant be surf because I need that to swim.


probably slam because it's not strong against anything
Where can I find the TMS for waterfall and aqual tail?
I found Firllish much more helpful in B2 play-through as its special attack and bulk allowed to destroy haxourous, dragon types, make it a reliable surfer, and easy aces to Jellicent.
@Sleeves Azumarill should learn aqua tail at level 21. You can get the HM05 waterfall in Victory Road. If your Azumarill is already over level 21, then you can go to the move reminder in the PWT to relearn aqua tail.
@BlackAce Azumarill is easier to evolve than Jellicent, and I'm pretty sure its ice punch is stronger than Jellicent's ice beam.

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I have already beat the game, and am trying to fill a box w/ lvl 100s, but I reccomend getting a Magikarp, using an EXP share, and getting a Gyrados. Gyrados has a fairly good attack stat, and can learn all 3 water hms, and strength.

How can the sleeves person get a Magikarp before defeating the champion?
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Azumarill is generally better than Jellicent because it evolves earlier and has a better ability. It gets aqua tail very early and can learn ice punch and superpower from tutoring.

azumarill is such a bad water pokemon
low attack, sp. atk and speed
i dont use it in competitive
i prefer pelipper, jellicent and swanna
also jellicent outclasses azumarill
Azumarill's ability doubles its physical attack, so it's the hardest hitting water Pokemon in the game. Azumarill also evolves significantly earlier than both Swanna and Jellicent.