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A few months back, I got Shaymin and Darkrai in Pokemon Pearl using the tweaking glitch. All ended okay.

However, I remember in the tutorial there was a thing about a halfway point, where if you re-entre the Pokemon Centre and go on the upper floor, it'll reposition you into the void (it had a name, but I forget).

Basically, I can't trade Pokemon anymore because it pushes me out of the walls.

More specifically, when I go up the stairs, it thinks I'm coming out of the Union Room and pushes my character off the screen.

Does anyone know how I can undo the tweaking save spot?


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I know I'm the one who asked this question but I did find the answer a bit after asking, so I'm posting it here in case anyone else has the issue too.

I was stuck in the "Wrong Warp Setup", which basically allows you to go for other void Pokemon without redoing the entire thing, and I didn't undo it.

You undo it by simply talking to the NPC behind the counter of the Global Trade Station in Jubilife City. The GTS is left to the Pokemon Centre. Talking to them, saving your game and exiting when pressing "no" when it asks to connect to Nintendo WFC cancels the glitch, allowing you to enter the top floor of the Pokemon Centre.

Source: https://youtu.be/cwso1Jm6L4I