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I'm doing the Tweaking/Void Glitch in Pearl to start shiny hunting for Darkrai and I'm 22915 steps into the 64,552 steps left part. A text box just showed up saying "Oh, hello! Right this way, please!" for those wondering what music is playing, the Pokemon center music is playing, can someone help?

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You probably miscounted one of the steps
the thing with the tweaking glitch is that if your game crashes or you go off by a step, your're pretty screwed; as going off a step can mess things up, and having the game crash and restarting it puts you in a different place even if you didn't save, and the you have to start all over :P

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As stated by Stakatacool, if your game crashes and you restart it, you will most likely be in a different place. In your case, this is what you want, Because it would seem as though you are inside a building. You need to get outside of the building. Once you are outside, (assuming you were inside to begin with) you hopefully have a flying Pokemon. If you don't teach one of your Pokemon fly. Use fly. Once you are on the map screen, if you do not see you curser, zoom in to see what side of the map you are on. Zoon back out move the curser towards the Island. if you don't Know what direction to move it here are directions:

Left side of island, hold right
Top of island, hold down
And Visa versa.

Once your curser is on the screen fly to Jublife City and start over on hunting Darkrai.

I hope this helps!

realized that a bit later, just haven't been bothered enough to come back here. as it turns out, I hadn't yet collected the pal pad, and so when I passed through this Pokemon center, i was going through the lower floor of it, so if you haven't yet received the pal pad, and you want to go for Darkrai, get the pal pad first, or else you're kinda screwed, unless you can remember the exact amount of tiles you moved (which during the cut scene the steps aren't added to your step counter on the poketch, plus the fact the only thing being shown on screen is you on the bike, and the text box that shows up during the cut scene) you will have to move yourself so that you are in a city (usually Jubilife is the only one I see) or a wide open area (usually Floaroma Meadow and occasionally Flower Paradise) and also realized you can't open the x menu in the mystery zone so yeah... or you can do what I did and reset back to the first step after you save/reset once you are in the void (after poketch building shenanigans)
Not being able to use the menu in mystery zone was to stop the game from allowing you to save there, for game breaking reasons :P