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Mod note: This is fundamentally a question about how the game handles a modded Pokemon. Don't answer if you don't know about that.

I don’t have my PC for PKHeX and I only have a previous thunderous I was working on. Is it worth trying it with Tornadus to get Landorus in BW and OrAs?

And why are the forces of nature name spellings so hard?

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Description reads from Kanto event Pokémon.

Also It used to be an Ekans from FRLG.
Can you test it yourself?
I actually don’t have my 3DS on me this week so I’m playing all my 3DS games on Citra emulator. The good part to that if that now I can play detective Pikachu, and PSMD.  So I can’t test they right now.

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As far as I know, you can get Tornadus in OR, and Thunderous in AS, and if you have both, and you go flying in the sky, fly into the stormy cloud and you should find him, Tornadus and Thunderous can be found in the stormy cloud when Castform is in your party, sorry if I missunderstood the question.

Sorry, that might have been part of an event, I am not very good at this. Also, who flagged this and why, did I do something wrong.
This doesn't really answer the question. The question is asking whether Landorus will still appear if the Thundurus is from FRLG.