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Dragonite is supposedly the fastest Pokemon in Indigo League. But its Max speed is 280. I've seen gen one Pokemon faster than that, so what is up?

Anime =/= the video games.
Anime isn’t the video games.

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Not sure what the Indigo League is is but Dragonite’s base 80 speed isn’t fast at all. I it’s Dragonite’s Extreme Speed move that gives him the title of a fast Pokémon.

Indigo League is the title for the Kanto anime :P
Oh. Okay. Was there an Alakazam there?
Yes. Why do you ask?
Just a hunch but I’m willing to bet that is the fastest Pokémon by base speed. But I may be wrong. Common Psychic type.
The fastest Pokemon in Kanto is actually Electrode, Alakazam ties with Electrode's base speed but only when it Mega Evolves, also Aerodactyl ties only when it Mega Evolves too.
Oof didn’t know of any Electrode. Also they can’t mega evolve, right? It’s the Kanto region after all.
Yeah, but if they could, they would tie with Electrode, but in this case, Electrode is the fastest.
Ah. I overlooked a flipping pokeball.