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Scenario: Pokemon with Prankster ability vs Mega Sableye. Let’s say the prankster Pokemon uses Taunt. Will it (A) be bounced back by Magic Bounce, or (B) fail because Dark types block Prankster?

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According to Showdown, Magic Bounce activates first.


Note: Showdown aims to be as close to game mechanics as possible and they're almost always correct, but not 100%. I didn't find much in any infroamtion pages about either Magic Bounce or Prankster having specific priority. so my assumption is that the game always takes into account ability before typing (opponent uses move, checks ability modifier, then checks typing modifier). This is also why Rhydon's Lightningrod ability activates when it gets hit by electric attacks even though it would have been immune regardless.

There is an entire paragraph about Dark Tyoes with Prankster and Magic bounce here:
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The Dark-type Prankster immunity is the last check that gets made before actually executing the move. Anything else that could possibly annul or alter the move, will do so before this immunity.