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I get that he wants to use the power of zygarde to wreck kalos, and if his crystal monstrosity reaches the anistar city sundial, the world will end, but WHY does he want that? in the games it's all about creating the perfect world, and that makes sense. and I get that he wants everything to be perfect and beautiful. but he jumps from Thanos to Calamity Ganon when he apparenly wants to just erase this entire world. And team flare still seems to back him.

I haven't seen all of the episodes in XYZ (Not even close) so there's probably an episode I missed explaining it.

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The answer to this question is the same as the games, he wanted to start a new world with himself a handful of "chosen" people, he said Ash was one of those chosen people. :P
Then at the end Zygarde obliterated him.
not sure how ending the world translates into building a new one.
man, kalos lore and villain plots feel so incomplete. that one season of pokemon anime, XYZ, and even there, mostly the last episode, gave us more lore and backstory than the entire rest of the generation. instead of Xerneas and Yveltal having any relevance as legendaries, or their unique powers being used to recreate life, they're instead just power sources that come to life and you catch them. meanwhile, Zygarde chills in terminus cave, never gets his own game, and manages to be MORE RELEVANT IN FRICKING SUN AND MOON then in his own generation.

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Galarian Ponyta is right, Lysandre's motives in the anime are pretty much just like his in X and Y.

Like in the games, he's psychologically disgraced at the world around him and is determined to achieve his ideological image of a perfect world. He vows to create a beautiful world, which is a good intention, but it's his nihilism that has corrupted his methods. Now he believes, with delusional levels of certitude, that the only way to achieve a beautiful world is to first destroy the one that already exists.

He's a crazy ***, basically. Can't help but feel sort of sorry for him, though.

For a more detailed synopsis on Lysandre's actions in the anime, I'd suggest referring to Bulbapedia's page on him. Hopefully this helped.

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I love that he doesn't even consider how he's going to make the new world.
also, his motivation is just like Cyrus, only less interesting, and instead of the legendaries being vital parts of the plan with their unique and legendary abilities, the XYZ trio are just tools to either power a gun or just to yeet a crystal at a sundial.