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my Pokemon :
1. swampert lv 65 (Water HM slave)
2. Gardevoir lv 54
3. Flygon lvl 57
4. torkoal lv 58
5. breloom lv 53
*I have linoone lv 25 for HM slave (cut, Rock smash, strength)
Now I am in mosdeep city with 7 badges.

have you consider getting a steel type?
Your levels are already high enough to finish the game. Getting a sixth Pokemon and getting it caught up with the team would only be a waste of time.
Also Gardevoir can become a strong calm mind sweeper if you raise it a few more levels, so you should probably give it an exp. share for the rest of the game.
Like obira07 said, a steel type. Try metagross or skarmory.
Metagross is post-game. Skarmory comes at level 16 and takes a long grind to catch up to the current team.

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Rayquaza would be the best bet and you won't even have to grind levels for since it comes at level 70 plus you can catch it even before battling the final gym. Other ones that I can think of would be electric types like Manectric or Magneton and rock types like Aggron or Armaldo.

However since you are already in mossdeep city I would strongly suggest going for Rayquaza. Getting a sixth Pokemon would take to much time to level it up.

I don't think there are any good rock Pokemon in Emerald, because none have good special defense and there are a lot of opponents that use water attacks.