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I noticed these two Pokémon look very similar. After doing some research I came to the conclusion that they have a lot of potential when using them in a double battle. So what do you think of this duo?

Pyukumuku (Water)
•Ability: Unaware
•Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)
•EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 SDef
•Item: Leftovers / Sitrus Berry
­-Recover / Venom Drench

This one is used as a wall while also being able to stall with Toxic. Soak makes the opponent a water-type which will be weak to Pincurchin's Thunderbolt/Thunder. Soak also enables the move Toxic to be used on steel-types. Counter is its only attack and can hit pretty hard after taking some damage. For the last move I'm leaning more towards Recover, but Venom Drench isn't a bad choice either. As for the item, should I pick a Leftovers or a Sitrus Berry?

Pincurchin (Electric)
•Ability: Lightning Rod
•Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
•EVs: 252 Def / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef
•Item: Kee Berry / Shuca Berry / Chesto Berry / Expert Belt
­-Thunderbolt / Thunder
­-Recover / Rest / Venom Drench / Hex

This is the main attacker of the duo. Lightning Rod draws in electric moves, which Pyukumuku is weak to, leaving its only other weakness being grass. Venoshock will be great against grass-types especially when they are poisoned. I honestly prefer Thunderbolt over Thunder because of the accuracy, but both will do just fine. Protect is there in case the opponent uses a ground move. Now I'm having some trouble with its last move. Hex could be used as coverage and the Toxic combo will inflict quite a lot of damager. On the other hand Recover or Rest + Chesto Berry heals our little fellow. Venom Drench is again a great status move as well. What do you guys suggest? The item also depends a bit on the final move, but my pick would be a Kee Berry or a Shuca Berry.

Stop doing research and really try using them. Showdown! is a good place to try things if it requires grinding in-game.
You could've actually give me some useful tips. It's good to do research before investing effort into it. Also I don't play Showdown. As for Showdown I'm pretty sure it doesn't even feature Pokémon from Sword and Shield yet.
Showdown!'s SwSh Doubles OU is almost functional right now. Even if you like research, is there any good reason to completely ignore Showdown! while doing research?
(Take this with a grain of salt seeing as we dont know how the doubles metagame will develop yet) from what im seeing, this strat might have some value in doubles uu or lower, but if your planning on using it in a non showdown format (standard doubles) it might just be better to run togedemaru if you want the lightningrod effect. I can see this being nitch in a rain team, using the electric tpe to bait out eq while pyukumuku counters. if you want to go for an attack nullifying team you may want to run a storm drain mon. seeing as you seem to want to use pincurchin you may be dissapointed due to its medeocre stats in what is usually a very harsh metagame. the combo of it lacking speed and hp makes it so that it has a tough time dealing out damage, seeing as how you usually want one or the other on every mon (a slow mon needs more hp because it gets hit more and a low hp mon needs speed in order to not get hit). pyukumuku also has problems, mainly due to the format you want to do this in, its slow and very stally, it can be completely useless in some situations (special poison/steel type to dodge toxic and counter) and most of its kit relies on the opponent attacking it. its basically just worse wobbafet with toxic and a death triggered counter. it isnt really a threat in any way and the opponent can just focus down your other mons while its out. usually in doubles, support pokemon do one thing, and then attack and pressure the opponent. alolan ninetails as an example sets up aurora veil and then starts spamming blizzard and fairy stab. pelliper comes in with drizzle and starts hydro pumping, pyukumuku... almost always relys on its teammates to get anything done and the effect is usually something that another mon does better. im not trying to be a jerk, im just trying to give some honest advice. best of luck with your team comp.
aaand i just relized that the thing i was trying to post as an answer went in the comment feed, stupid android box, not allowing me to highlight text so that i can copy and paste
Thanks a lot for your thoughts!
I agree that Togedemaru might be a better pick, but I really like this duo because I feel like they intended them to be partners just like Plusle and Minum.
I'm going to train them after finishing Sword to see how it turns out ;)
nothing wrong with using a pokemon that you like (i myself have used special golurk) as long as you dont hold your expectations too high you should be fine
In my experience stall in Doubles is not a very good strat.

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They might be good, but there are almost definitely better options.

Milotic is a better defensive water. Its coil, muddy water, competitive, and higher HP and special attack means it's better at taking and dealing damage. Milotic can also learn hypnosis.

Toxtricity is a better electric attacker mostly because it has higher special attack and speed. It can also learn volt switch.