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So after looking at the guides, I'm still kinda lost on how EV training works on platinum. So currently my torterra's HP is 210, if I get 4 EV which equals a point, will its HP go to 211 or do I have it wrong. Any explanation will be fine I just need confirmation.


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You might not get it immediately, but you should get it at the next level-up (you will gain one more EXP point than you normally would have.) It's every four EVs = +1 base stat by the time it reaches LV 100

TL;DR: It doesn't give immediate buffs, but means that you gain more points in that stat when you level up

Oh ok I get it now. How do I know if I reached maxed EV for that stat?
I don't think there's any way to veiw it in platinum.
The 4 EVs -> 1 stat only works at level 100. At lower levels, the calculations are more complex, but it usually takes more EVs to get 1 stat.
If you get 511 EVs on one Pokemon and that Pokemon is the first in your party, then someone in Sunyshore City will give it an effort ribbon.
The calculation isn't too complex. The amount of EVs you need to get one stat point is equal to 400 divided by the Pokemon's level, aside from rounding and other quirks.
So that this doesn't confuse anybody: no, it's not a problem you EV trained your Pokemon at a low level. Your Pokemon's stats -- their EVs accounted for -- are constantly recalculated. So if you train 8 EVs for one stat point at level 50 (for example), those EVs will later show for two stat points when you level up to 100.
Make sure you fully EV train before you reach level 100 in Gen 4, though. Due to the recalculation mechanics described in the answer, getting EVs to translate to stat points is a bit tricky when you can't level up anymore. This is not a problem for modern games.