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Looking to do a no Pokécenter run.


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You’re autohealed in 4 places:

After the first Zigzagoon fight when you get your starter.
After delivering the Devon Goods to Mr. Stone.
After fighting off some Team Aqua grunts in the Oceanic Museum after getting the second badge.
After the Elite Four.

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It's the Oceanic Museum, not Devon Corp. Also, was there a forced heal after Seafloor Cavern, or somewhere around that part of the story?
You’re right about the museum. But no, there’s no forced healing around Seafloor Cavern. I’ve played through Emerald at least 4 times (although it’s been a little while), and the video is pretty thorough, and makes no mention of it.
I'm afraid this is not correct. There is at least one additional heal, when you return the Devon Goods to Mr Stone. The entire interaction of getting the Pokenav is missing from your source, I don't know why. It should happen around 6:05. It's mentioned at 2:15 in [this run](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VS6V7GYN1xw&ab_channel=ERAlpha).
You’re right. Edited!