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Pokémon fan club is a supporter card that let's you put 2 basic Pokemon from your deck to your hand. Do basic Pokemon tag teams, GX and EX count as well? They are basic Pokemon after all.

And what about revives? do the bring them back from the discard pile or not?

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If the GX, EX, or Tag Team GX are Basic, than yes, they are affected by anything that affects Basic cards (such as Revive or Pokémon Fan Club), unless anything in effect explicitly says otherwise. :P

Being a special card type doesn’t necessarily change any of the pre-established hame mechanics, unless, again, the card itself states otherwise. :P

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Thanks for answering. This can make some interesting strategies.
Your Welcome. Often times I try to get a few Basics with the move “Call For Family” for increased Bench loading abuse. :P
You lose if it's your turn and you can't draw a card, right? Have you ever lost that way (or made someone else lose that way) in the first 2 turns?
What does that have to do with the question? :P
They both contain the letter t.