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So out of each expansion(e.g Flashfire) ,starting from only the XY era and Sun/Moon era, which one contains the most Pokemon from Gen 4 and below ?
Japanese expansions are inclusive too.
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So you want us to look up each expansion and count all the cards of old Pokemon?
guess who did just that

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Including duplicates, and excluding Megas, Double Crisis has the most Gen 1-4 Pokémon, with 109 total.

Full results:
XY Promos: 104
Kalos Starter Set: 11
XY: 52
Flashfire: 55
Furious Fists: 53
Phantom Forces: 44
Primal Clash: 109
Double Crisis: 22
Roaring Skies: 65
Ancient Origins: 55
BREAKthrough: 78
BREAKpoint: 64
Generations: 72
Fates Collide: 57
Steam Siege: 51
Evolutions: 74
Sun & Moon Promos: without alolan forms: 2; with alolan forms: 3
Sun & Moon: without alolan forms: 55; with alolan forms: 63
Guardians Rising: without alolan forms: 43; with alolan forms: 52

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Thank you very  much. I really appreciate it :)