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I don't know which to choose.

They both have good stats and moves. Does it really matter?

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Ultimately it comes down to whether you want/need a scout/revenge KO, or a special sweeper.

Scorbnny/Raboot/Cinderace are incredibly fast, and able to hit pretty hard. But they are very fragile, are weak to common coverage moves, and have more speed than power. They also don't have the best movepool for covering their weaknesses (a common theme this generation). But they have access to one move in particular, U-Turn, which makes them able to pivot into and out of the battlefield quite effectively. Send them out at the start to see what your opponent brings out. If you're super effective against them, hammer them hard (since you're most likely faster). If not, use U-Turn to put on a little damage, and get a "free" switch out of it to a more favorable Pokemon. One of your Pokemon has been brought down? Send Cinderace back out to get a revenge KO. Then repeat as needed.

Sobble/Drizzile/Inteleon, on the other hand, is a dedicated special sweeper with pretty decent pool of coverage moves. Their signature move, Snipe Shot, also make them very effective in double and triple battles, allowing them to ignore target disruption effects (Follow Me, Storm Drain, etc) and hit the more vulnerable targets being protected. This comes at the cost at being even more fragile than Cinderace. If Inteleon takes a hit, it's probably going down.

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I will choose Sobble then.Thanks so much!
But Scorbunny is SO CUTE!!
Cinderace reminds me of Dragon ball Z.