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Since the games came out and people started doing max raid battles I heard some people say that it doesn't matter which pokeball you throw at a dynamaxed Pokemon since the catch rates of any pokeball turns the same while others say it does still matter which pokeball you throw. For myself I also had moments where I couldn't catch a Pokemon in a ultra ball but after a soft reset a pokeball was enough. maybe it's just luck but it does make me think. Are they right that it doens't matter which pokeball you throw or is it just a made up story?

If anyone knows please answer.

**Yes it Does** At the beginning of the game, it won't really matter as the Pokémon have a low catch rate. But later one, you should start using great balls and then soon ultra balls to catch them. Also dusk balls don't work on them. (Which surprised me since the dungeons are dark).
in my opinion, this seems correct. In lower level raids, I caught it 1st try with a plain old Pokeball. Higher level ones are probably different, though.
I'm converting GamerXS's answer to a comment because it's not really conclusive. How extensively have you tested this? If this is your personal experience based on a few raid battles, then you have nowhere near large enough of a sample size to make conclusions like this.
i thought you were talking about mine and i was like 'wait, i answered this?'
Fizz. This is not only my personal experience even though I do a LOT of raids in a day. A couple of friends of mine have the same story. And when I watch livestreams of people raiding, and just usig a pokeball for fun, they also catch a lot of pokemon. Today I did 22 raids (I counted) with 16 five stars and caught 12 in a pokeball first try.  Some pokemon were:
- Steelix
- Giga Corviknight
- Giga Butterfree
- Delibird
- Shuckle
Those pokemon differ a lot in catch rate, Shuckle has 190 and Steelix 25. Do you see why I'm thinking about it? Maybe it really is just good luck, but who knows? That's why I asked if anyone knew.
That comment wasn't addressed to you @grasking.

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It depends on the kind of raid you're doing. If you're solo'ing a raid(that isn't promotional, like GMax Drednaw/Corviknight or Delibird) then you will have a 100% chance of catching the mon. If you are doing a promotional raid like Delibird, then the Pokemon with have it's base species catch rate(like if you're doing a promotional Delibird raid, then that Delibird will have the same catch rate as a Delibird you would find in the wild) GMax Pokemon in promotional GMax raids have around a base 15 catch rate if you're either hosting it or solo'ing it. Guests are different however, and I'll leave this video explaining pretty much what I just said and the guest rates
So, in short, it doesn't matter which ball you use if you have a 100% catch rate on the Pokemon

Source: the video above

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