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Just found out that you can't evolve Charjabug until the post game (in sun & moon at least). Is it worth it to keep it on my team and hold out to the end, or should I just box it and replace it with another Pokemon? I've just made it up to Memorial Hill.

In case it helps, my current team is:
Salandit - Level 25
Dartrix - 27
Mudbray - 25
Charjabug - 25


I'm pretty sure you can evolve it in the main story, though I still think you should replace it with a Magnezone for more speed and resistances.
sumwun you're correct from what i know its just really far in like at the poni cave or somethin
Is Charjabug under performing enough that you'd rather use other pokemon or is it doing fine?

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For the main story, Charjabug's evolution, Vikavolt, works great unless you run into someone with a type advantage (fire or rock), although it doesn't have much for speed. Magnezone is much better statistically, but is extremely weak to ground and doesn't fare well against fighting type moves, though it loses its rock type disadvantage. Magnezone is more resistant to other types as well.

If you only want to use Alolan Pokémon, Charjabug/Vikavolt is the obvious choice, but Magnezone would fare better against a great many attacks. I'd go with Magnezone for more speed and resistances. Keep in mind that both these Pokémon are at their best when confronted with a Pokémon that has a type disadvantage. And watch out for ground types, as Salandit and Magnezone both have a big weakness to this type.

Salandit? Do you mean Charjabug/Vikavolt?
No, I mean Salandit. Check their respective pages on this website for details on their type disadvantages.