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Considering teaching to a team member, but seeing as a bad type could result in it using the wrong attacking stat in this gen, I'd like to be able to find out the type in advance. is there an NPC who tells you, or some way to find out based on my Pokemon's nature or stats?

You can find the type by teaching hidden power, attacking a Kecleon, and soft-resetting, but you might have a weak base power. The best way I know to calculate base power is by following all the instructions on https://www.metalkid.info/Pokemon/Calculators/IV.aspx and then all the instructions on https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hidden_Power_(move)/Calculation

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There's no hidden power checker in Generation 3.
One way (possibly not the best way) to check the hidden power type is to get a Kecleon and use hidden power on it in a double battle. You still won't know its base power by doing this.

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Wait, its base power varies as well?
Yeah in gens 2-5 it ranges between 20 to 70 BP depending on the Pokemon's IVs
...did you not read my comment from a week ago?
Oh, you did mention base power. sorry, the link kinda threw me off.