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Like how did Zygarde form or something? Did the cells just appear all of a sudden?

how is this where?
MegaEveeLution, as your answer was purely conjecture and had no evidence cited to support your theory, I have converted your answer to a comment.
@Stellar do you see any other way that this can be answered with evidence?
@Flareon, At the description of the question the user also states: 'Like how did Zygarde form or something? Did the cells just appear all of a sudden?'
Well, what they have posted now is better than what was originally there, I'll give credit for that, but what was initially given as an answer was completely insufficient. I wish even this level of elaboration was given in the first place.

There may not be an answer to this question. We may just not know.
As far as I can tell, where Zygarde came from is unknown. All that we know is that it's supposed to balance Xerneas and Yveltal, or something like that.

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If I understood you right and you want to know how ten zygarde cells/cores turns into a 10% form zygarde, which bigger than ten cells, etc. I can suggest that every zygarde cell/core can produce other cells and cores, but ten cells/cores can't produce more than 10% of zygarde mass because every cell/core have production limit, which decreasing with every generation of cells/cores.

For example: one cell can't produce more than ten cells/cores and every cell/core produced by the first cell can't produce more than nine cells/cores and that lasts until production limit become zero

First cells, I think, appeared like other Pokemon

Hope it helped