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So I was checking which GMAX Pokemon I want to use in online battles and was thinking GMAX Corviknight for its type effectiveness and it was one of my first GMAX, but I have been hunting lately and found a cool glitch that helps find GMAX Pokemon so if you have a preference or suggestion on which is best, please tell me about it!

For which battle format do you want a Gmax Pokemon? This could mean Battle Stadium Singles, VGC 2020, a Smogon format, or any number of different game modes. The answer is likely to vary based on which you're playing.
As an aside: have you considered that specifically seeking a Gmax Pokemon to add to your team only decreases your total teambuilding options?
Well I can't think of a perfect last addition to my team and I'm at a point where I just want to battle and not EXP grind until the day is done. So this is a solution whereas a Gmax Pokemon has boosted stats, starts at level 60, and gives XL EXP candies which help with EXP boosting and Gmax Pokemon are stronger than just Dmax so should I just EXP candy a Charmander with Gmax or look for something else? I'm doing Battle Stadium Singles, and you're right but I think a Gmax could help my chances unless there's like no mega evolution, Z-moves or Dynamax of any kind then i'll really need to reconsider...

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Of the ones that are currently legal on the ladder, G-Max Snorlax is very good and Snorlax actually benefits quite significantly from the effect.
Pokemon like Sandaconda should also use G-Max, and both Sandaconda and its G-Max effect are both quite good - it's just that what makes Sandaconda good (SR, Glare utility) has nothing to do with Gigantamaxing, so it will rarely do so. I think that this is a common theme in G-max. Either their effects are straight-up horrible, or it's a minor boost but too minor to Dynamax them instead of other Pokemon that make better advantage of maxing, especially when the Pokemon in question benefits heavily from its utility.