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The title is pretty self explanatory.


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Actually, you can. These are the steps -
1. Breed it with a Primarina that knows Sparkling Aria or and Freeze Dry.
2. Put the Gigantimax Lapras in the Nursery with 2 open moveslots, then put an offspring with Sparkling Aria and Freeze Dry and the moves will transfer over.
Alternatively, you could just breed a Lapras with those moves and give it a Max Soup.
Source: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/259372-pokemon-sword/78460857
Just watch, I am going to be sniped.

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You weren't sniped lol. Also, good answer.
Oh, wow!  I wasn't sniped.  Also, you will have to trade for Primarina.
You will have to give the lapras max soup
You can’t pass down the ability to GMAX with breeding
Shoot.  I totally forgot about that.  I don't have the DLC so I never thought about it.  Thanks!
I never said that you breed them.  I said that you breed for the moves, then put the offspring with The egg moves and the Gigantimax Lapras into the Nursery.  Then, with 2 open moveslots, the moves will be On the Gigantimax Lapras.
Oh, I didn’t know the egg moves went on to the parents, I thought they were just given to the offspring. Thanks