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Example: In double battle, I sent out an Oranguru with Telepathy and Primarina. The opponent sent out Chandelure and Gyarados. The foe Chandelure used Will-O-Wisp at my Oranguru, and burned it. Now, my Primarina used Sparkling Aria which, heals burns, but since Oranguru has Telepathy, will it heal it or ignore the move?

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I'm pretty sure the move won't affect Oranguru at all.

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No, it won't heal the burn due to Telepathy not allowing a partner to use a move on the Pokemon.

Source: Tested it on Pokemon Showdown.

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If the target takes no damage from the move, due to having the Ability Water Absorb, Storm Drain, Dry Skin, or Soundproof, its burn will not be healed.

No, when Sparkling Aria is used on a Pokemon with Telepathy by a Pokemon of the same team as the Pokemon with Telepathy, its burn will not be healed.


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