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I didn't see Cosmog or any of its evolutions on the Unobtainable Pokémon page, so I was hoping I could find one in Sw/Sh or at least transfer one in when Home comes out. If it can be obtained in Sw/Sh, will it evolve into Solgaleo or Lunala, or is there a feature that allows me to choose which one it evolves into?

One of the possible assumptions is that Pokemon not in the base game of Sword and Shield but also not on the Unobtainable list will be included in one of the 2 expansion packs that have been announced.  The Armor Islands in June, and the Royal Tundra in... October?  We already know both locations will have Pokemon not found elsewhere in Galar, even Galarian Forms of such Pokemon (see Galarian Slowpoke).

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Cosmog cannot be obtained in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

However, it will be transferrable in those games once Pokemon Home comes out in February. That means, yes it will be able to evolve. I'm assuming that it'll evolve into Solgaleo in Sword and Lunala in Shield, but there is no info regarding this yet (that I could find).

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It is in the Crown Tundra Expansion. After the Calyrex story arc, go into the house with the lady and the Spheal in front. Once inside, talk the lady by going up to the Cosmog and pressing A.
She will tell you she wants a responsible trainer to care for it. Say yes when she asks you to take care of it. Then, she will give it to you. Another thing you can do is find it's evolution in the Max Lair. (Solageo is Sword Exclusive, Lunala is Shield Exclusive)
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