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wil it evove into lunala in shield?

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Perhaps the asker is asking which it will evolve into if it is transferred to SwSH,
Dude, with its only known moves being Splash and Teleport and its evolution knowing Cosmic Power. It's just useless in the newer games (SwSh). Until it evolves further into Solgaleo and Lunala, it'll be a whole lot more useful.

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In Pokémon Sun, Ultra Sun, and Sword, Cosmoem evolves into Solgaleo.
In Pokémon Moon, Ultra Moon, and Shield, Cosmoem evolves into Lunala.


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Cosmog will not evolve into anything in shield as it is impossible to get Cosmog in shield. It is not in the Galar Pokédex and can therefore not be migrated or traded into either sword or shield.

That is without Pokémon Home. It is transferrable now that that has been released, but it is not recommended as it literally cannot win a battle until it evolves into solgaleo in sword (probably) or Lunala in shield (probably) at level 53.

It's not probably but very likely if you compare the Sw/Sh version exclusives to the S/M version exclusives.
Don’t they mean the same thing?