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So, ever since RSE, I got in the habit of mashing the A and B buttons whenever I try to catch a Pokemon. 3 times before it closes, and once each time it blinks. I know that in every previous game, this made ABSOLUTELY zero difference to actual catch rates.

But apart from the level requirements, I have NEVER caught anything when I don't press any buttons in Sword. And also, I find that I have to press A and B DURING the light pulses, not too soon or too late. This also applies to critical captures. If I don't time the buttons right, I don't get a catch. Can someone tell me if this is a thing now? Or am I just superstitious?

Masterball not withstanding, I believe in humane captures.

Most likely you're just superstitious.

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I don't believe mashing buttons will affect your capture, even if it looks like it does. It would make no sense for Game Freak to put such a mechanic in the game, because if someone didn't know about button-mashing, they wouldn't be able to catch any Pokemon. You just have very strange luck.

If only I had the luck for shiny rates.....