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O.K. I know there is a whole catch rate system that depends whether your chances of catching a Pokemon or not. Though ever since I started with Pokemon Yellow, and I know I am not the only one who has done this, after you threw the poke ball I would start rapidly pressing the A and B button. Till this day I wonder if I'm making any difference in the catch rate. The only proof I had that this worked was that I just so happened to catch it while I was mashing the buttons and well I've seen others do it too. I'm pretty sure it does nothing, but I find it very funny how our instinct tells us to press something.

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My brothers always told me this was true. Now, it's just a habit that I get into whenever I try and catch a Pokemon. ._.
I dont do that, i just trash talk the Pokemon into submission.
lol funny
Lolz XP trash talking seems like it would make the pokemon more mad X3
My friend also told me to do that but I don't believe it
Lolz apparently is a conspiracy!!! so the fun thing to do is to continue to fool people into thinking it works haha XP

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No, the A and B button don't make any difference. My bro caught all the legends in BW2 in PokeBalls without even touching the A or B button. But I always use the A and B button. Or I use the L and R button.

When I was catching Xerneas, I didn't use any button and it kept breaking free. But when I started hitting the L button, it got caught, but it was a coincidence because I have caught many legends without any button.

There has been thorough examination of the ROM coding, there is NO Button combination that imporves capture rates in ANY Pokemon game ever made.

This is the link

Hope I helped!

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ooooo "ROM coding" now that sounds promising! XP lolz