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When g-max-wildfire is used it "Creates a sea of fire" and so does the fire/grass plege while g-max-volcalith just says it does damage for four turns. So the question is, are they all pretty much the same effect (with exeption to the fire type immunity for g-max-wildfire) or do they stack.

I would assume they stack.  After all, Drednaw's G-move stacks with Stealth Rock.
Dreadnaw's G-Max doesn't stack with Stealth Rock, it sets Stealth Rock. Copperajah's G-Max Stacks with Stealth Rock, but that is because it sets a different Hazard altogether. :P

As for the above, they may stack, but I'm not sure. :P
the pledges probably stack with wildfire but not sure about volcalith
But Drednaws DOES stack.  More than once, during the Snorlax/Drednaw event, it would use Stealth Rock on an earlier turn, then afterwards it's signature, which would, again, cause "pointed stones [to] float in the air!".  It wouldn't repeat that if it didn't stack.  And after that, ally Pokemon that had fainted and were sent out received more than a single SR's worth of damage.
just because it says that doesnt mean that the effect actually stacks, we need definitive proof, as in a screenshot or the like
I'm almost certain that G-max mons can act differently in max raid battles than in online battles. I've never seen Stealth Rock stack twice for any reason in online play, so it could be due to this scenario being a max raid battle and things acting differently. Although, I have no proof of this. Alternatively, it is possible you remembered wrong and just saw a Bug/Ice type or the like lose half of it's HP and assumed the rocks stacked twice :P

Also, both bulbapedia and smogon's description of Stonesurge say it sets Stealth Rock, and says nothing about it stacking with Stealth Rock.

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I found that there isn't anything restricting a "Sea of Fire" Effect from stacking with anything, except in specific circumstances (like, if the opponent is Fire type) due to the moves with such effects not listing limitations.
G-Max Volicalith doesn't list any such limitations either. :P

So, G-Max Volcalith should, in theory, stack with a "Sea of Fire" effect. :P
Fun fact: Wildfire's sea of fire does 1/6 of HP damage per turn, where the pledge combo does 1/8 HP damage per turn.

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Edit: It appears Showdown! currently believes that they stack, so this is probably the case as Showdown! tries is very best to not misrepresent the games' (relevant) mechanics. :P
I mean, look at how much work they put into accurate leansets. The file is so big, Github won't load it unless you look at the raw in the repository!

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You can use fire pledge and grass pledge on turn 1 and Gigantamax and use Gmax wildfire on turn 2. You don't need to use all 4 moves on the same turn. So now can you test this?
Fair point, I guess I forgot turns existed. Will edit soon. :P