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I have recently started breeding, and I kind of want to keep inventory of my boxes in Shield. I was wondering if I can input my Pokemon into a website, so if I am looking for a certain Pokemon, I know which box it is in.

There’s a search feature built into the boxes ingame.
You might want to wait for Home to release and then see if that solves your problems.
You could probably use a spreadsheet a store all of your Pokémon’s important information. I’ve used spreadsheets to keep track of Pokémon that I can breed for stats, Hidden Abbilities, Egg Moves, IVs, Natures, and Pokeballs I can breed for, but you may not be interested in that option if you aren’t a spreadsheet nerd or spreadsheet savvy. :P
@Staka I was about to suggest Google docs, but your idea is probably better. I think you can just post that as an answer.

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Pokemon Home

Source: this website.
This is referring to the stats, moves, etc. of a Pokemon. Not the Pokemon themselves.
Home isn't a website, right?