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Please list them all.


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There are no exact collisions between a move name an ability name, but there are 16 moves whose English names are a substring of (i.e. fully contained within) an ability name, and 5 abilities that are substrings of moves:
Pound -> Compound Eyes
Cut -> Cute Charm
Cut -> Hyper Cutter
Mist -> Misty Surge
Surf -> Surge Surfer
Peck -> Big Pecks
Absorb -> Water Absorb
Absorb -> Volt Absorb
Toxic -> Toxic Boost
Psychic -> Psychic Surge
Mimic -> Mimicry
Swift -> Swift Swim
Bubble -> Water Bubble
Spore -> Effect Spore
Flash -> Flash Fire
Curse -> Cursed Body
Charm -> Cute Charm
Bounce -> Magic Bounce
Acupressure <- Pressure
Max Overgrowth <- Overgrow
Blaze Kick <- Blaze
Clangorous Soulblaze <- Blaze
Simple Beam <- Simple
Dazzling Gleam <- Dazzling

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