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Like Huge Power and Pure Power.

There is a (very slight) difference between those two abilities :P
Actually you're correct. The name and Pokemon getting it.

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There are some abilities and it's hard to make out all. But I can tell you some.
1. Mold Breaker=Turboblaze=Teravolt
2. Vital Spirit=Insomia=Sweet Veil (with extra - allies)
3. Iron Barbs=Rough Skin
4. Battle Armor=Shell Armor
5. Air Lock=Cloud Nine
6. Poison Point=Poison Touch
7. Plus=Minus
8. Filter=Solid Rock
9. Clear Body=White Smoke

Forgive me if I missed any.
Check more if you want: http://pokemondb.net/ability

Hope I helped! :)

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i sorta wanted them all listed >.>
plus and minus are different and also poison point and poison touch.
I based this answer more on being alike. Poison touch and poison point have similar effects because they both have a probability of poisoning the target on contact. Plus and Minus gives out the same effect too.
he has a point Poison Touch is a better form but not the same. I will accept Plus and Minus tho
Soundproof and cacophony Gen 3.
Reciever and Power of Alchemy