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I noticed that alot of people have mostly male pokemon. Is that there to make it harder or something??

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Back in Gen 2, a Pokemon's gender actually used to be decided by its IVs. Males could have all 31 IVs, while females couldn't. Essentially, it meant that females could never be as strong as a Male of the same species, in generation. Of course, this was due to file space being used quickly, so Game Freak couldn't perfect some mechanics.

From Bulbapedia:

A Pokémon's gender was determined
based solely on its Attack IV when
compared to a specific value native to
each Pokémon species. If the Attack IV
was less than the gender code
associated with the Pokémon's species,
it would be female, whereas in all
other instances, the Pokémon would be
male. For species of only one gender,
or those with no gender, the
calculation based on the Attack IV is

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Of course, Game Freak got around to fixing this in Gen 3.

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No, Gender doesn't effect anything but breeding.

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