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So my cousin told me that I can get a red Gyarados from gen 2 and transfer it all to the way to usum. And he did not give me any clear instructions on how to do so I have some questions about it. My 3ds is second hand and when I bought it, for some reason it has Silver on it as one of its games and it is not a cartridge. So:

  • How soon can I catch the red Gyarados? Can I skip gyms and towns so I can get this thing?
  • How do I transfer it to usum?
  • How do I set its nature to the one I want?
I haven’t done any research, so I’ll just leave a comment. Based off my knowledge, You can attempt to catch Red Gyarados as soon as you have a Pokémon with Surf and the Ecruteak badge (the 4th gym). The way you would transfer to gen VII is by using the Pokémon Transporter app in conjunction with Pokémon Bank, both available for download from the Nintendo estore. And finally, I believe Gen II mechanics with nature work like Gen I. You have to give your Pokémon a certain amount of experience to get the nature you want.

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You catch the Shiny Gyarados somewhere near the middle of the storyline.

To transfer it to USUM all you need is the PokeBank/Transporter. It’s available on the Nintendo eShop. Once you download it it’s very self explanatory on how to transfer.

To get the right nature, you can try this method in the link below. I would suggest trying it with a separate Pokémon first


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Thanks. I just checked the transporter and it is pretty straightforward.