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So if my base weight on a Pignite that is lv 31 is 60.8, and my target's weight is 37.8. So, I'm wondering how to calculate the damage. Do I do 60.8 * 1.6? I just did the calculation and what I got was 97.28 power. Is this valid? I don't know Pokemon's base weight, so I dunno how much heat crash will do.

It depends on how lighter the target is than pignite. I would suggest using it with emboar as it is pretty huge. Pignite won't have that much of an effect.
Converted the answer above to a comment because it does not contain the calculation the question requires.
If you tell us your Pignite's specs (nature, IVs, EVs) and your opponent's species, level, and all that other stuff -- there are a good number of people here who could calculate the exact damage output.
But what if it had just learned Heat Crash? My Pignite's nature is Brave (-Speed, +Atk) IV's are:
HP: 20
Atk: 27
Def: 25
SpA: 27
SpD : 21
Spe: 27
EV's are:
HP: 8
Atk: 19
Def: 14
SpA: 6
SpD: 6
Spe: 16

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Heat Crash's base power is relative to a range between your weight and your opponents weight. To put it simply, if your weight is at least twice that of your opponent's, the move's base power will be 40. If your weight is at least twice but no more than thrice that of your opponent, its power will be 60. On the chart below, "r" represents your weight divided by your opponent's weight.

5 ≤ r = 120
4 ≤ r < 5=100
3 ≤ r < 4=80
2 ≤ r < 3=60
r < 2 =40

To answer your question, Pignite weighs 122.4 lbs. and your opponent (whoever that might be) weighs 37.8 lbs. Since the move is STAB and has a base power of (122.4/37.8 = approx. 3.2; 3 ≤ r < 4=80 ), you'll be doing damage of 120 power.