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I want to know what D-max moves are the strongest without STAB, items, or abilities. If there are multiple, please list them all. I also want to know what the base move is before the Dynamax. (Do not include G-max.)

Pretty sure it's 150 off of Water Spout / Eruption.

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Blast Burn
Frenzy Plant
Giga Impact
Head Smash
Hydro Cannon
Hyper Beam
Mind Blown
Prismatic Laser
Roar of Time
Rock Wrecker
Shell Trap
Water Spout

When turned into their Max Moves, they each have 150 power.


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Alright. Thanks.
You're welcome!
Eternatus cannot Dynamax.
The move was still stated on Bulbapedia, so I wrote it. What if you hack Eternabeam onto a Pokemon that can Dynamax?
No Focus Punch, Meteor Assault, or Dragon Energy?
Focus Punch: 100
Meteor Assault: 100
Dragon Energy: Bulbapedia doesn't seem to have it yet.
Fighting and Poison type Max Moves are actually weaker, but raise the stat that should make them stronger. For example: Close Combat has 120 BP. Max Knuckle from Close Combat has 95 BP, but always raises the user's and their allies' Attack stat by one stage. Same sort of thing for Max Ooze, but it raises Special Attack. They do not have a move that gives them over 100 BP Max Move, but other types do, and those moves are in the answer. Thanks for reading! :)