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By “negative secondary effects,” I mean things like recoil damage, stat reductions, etc.

I am also not including moves that take a turn to charge, like Sky Attack.

Many attacks with 150 power. https://pokemondb.net/move/all
Are you counting multi turn moves such as rollout or other things such as round, which needs multiple attackers?
Most moves with 150 BP take a turn to recharge, which counts as a negative drawback.
Any move, including ones that vary in power or receive power boosts under certain conditions, is fair game as long as it is not a Z-Move or has a negative drawback. If that’s too difficult to answer, I can narrow it down more.
If you’re looking for a reliable strong move with o secondary effect Earthquake has always been my go-to move for that.

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Rollout can reach the highest base power of all moves, tied with Ice Ball; if the attacking Pokémon has used Defense Curl and Rollout hits for a fifth consecutive time, its base power will reach 960.


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That’s right. But seriously, how can anyone ever makes it to the 5th turn?
It's nearly impossible in competitive battles, but it answers the question.