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I’m trying to complete the National Dex and need Vulpix/Ninetales (I’m playing Shield). In Shield, they can only spawn in Hammerlocke Hills and the Dusty Bowl in intense sun.

You can use the time skip glitch to change weather. Also, and Imight be wrong, arcainine is exclusive to shield instead of ninetails.
To add on the comment above: You can instantly cycle the weather in the Wild Area by going into your system settings and changing the date by at least two days. This will update the weather in real time (i.e. while the game is running and you're standing in the location you want), which makes it very easy and relatively quick to get the weather you want.
Change your date to 1 july, as every place in the wild area will have intense sun then

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I'm not sure about the probabilities, but it is known that if you change the date on your Switch to July 1st, all weather in the wild area will be intense sun.


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"Thunderstorms, blizzards, sandstorms, and fog are more rare than other weather conditions."

That means that Intense Sun is in the group with the common ones.