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This includes any move or item that can do something in a double battle that it can't in a single battle, such as helping hand, plus and minus, and The pledge moves.

Two things that come to mind are Ally Swap and Pollen Puff’s affect when targeting an ally.
Plus and Minus also work in single battles with the move Magnetic Flux

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Go here and scroll down to "Effects on Moves." All the moves listed have uses only in double battles. Abilities that only have uses in double battles include plus and minus, Flower Gift, Healer, Friend Guard, Telepathy, Victory Star, Aroma Veil, Flower Veil, Sweet Veil, Battery, Receiver, and Power of Alchemy. Storm Drain and Lightning Rod are also questionable.

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Plus, minus, flower gift, victory star, aroma veil, sweet veil, storm drain, and lightning rod affect the user in single battles. Flower veil can affect the user if it's grass type. Many of the moves in your link can still hit the opponent in single battles, such as surf.