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I was at the ditto only den, (at least in purple raids) and it WAS a purple rare raid. I got a Bronzong. The current event, the one with the version exclusives, did not include it. Was I at the wrong den?

There is a steel-type den very close to the Ditto den. You may have mistaken which den you were at.
That’s probably it.

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You are most likely at the wrong den, as the two are very close to each other.
Ditto only appears in the den as a Rare encounter (i.e. a Purple Beam), and the Common variant of the same den only produces various Normal-Type Pokemon. You are probably not at the den you think you are if you encountered Bronzong, a Pokemon that only shows up in Steel-Type dens.

If it's any consolation, if you were in the Stony Wilderness, you were most likely at the den where Gigantamax Copperajah spawns, as it is the only Steel-Type den in that area.

(Just FYI, the Ditto Den is in the Stony Wilderness, and it is Den 66 on Serebii and Den 59-Rare on Raidfinder.)

Source: Serebii

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Thanks! I got the Ditto den.