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Okay, so I started a new account on sword and I know the den to get feebas in needs to be purple and you need the bike upgrade so you can surf on water. My problem is that once I get the purple den up all I get now is 3 and 4 star raids. Can I get the upgrade too late or what? Im so confused. Pls help

Thank you, but I already knew where the den is. The issue is in order to reach it you need the bike upgrade and by then you cant get feebas in the den cause its a 1 star raid.

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As best I can tell, you can't. The game seems to stop showing 1 star raids after you collect 4 badges, which is before you get the bike upgrade, so Feebas raids are just inaccessible, unfortunately. Your best bet would be to either hunt for a Milotic raid or go to Route 2 and catch your Feebas there.


Hope this helped!