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I want to complete my pokedex but I can't find a den with hydreigon. I don't have deino or zweilous either. I also want a den because I need xp candy. If anyone has a link to a map with Pokemon and dens you can find them at then could you share? Thanks.


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Hydreigon can only be found in Sword when not part of a promoted event. With that said, here are the dens it can be found in:

Den 36 (Bridge Field)
Den 63 (Bridge Field)
Den 36 (Dusty Bowl)
Den 88 (Dusty Bowl)
Den 36 (Giant's Mirror)
Den 63 (Stony Wilderness)
Den 63 (West Lake Axewell)


Here's a handy little picture you can use to find those dens:

There's also currently an event going on that makes Hydreigon more common in dens.

Hope I helped!

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I caught one and breed it with a ditto, three more down 45 to go. Thanks!
You're welcome!
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You can use this to find where any Pokemon is.

Also, Hydreigon can be found in the October 2020 promoted raids event

Hope this helped :D