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So, when a Pokemon is confused, it uses an existing attack on itself, the attack it was about to use, right? So if I use Draining Kiss, and my Pokemon hurts itself, will it be healed? Or will it just hurt itself if I'm wrong about the first thing I said?


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No, if a Pokémon is confused it will hit itself with a typeless 40 base power physical move, not the move you selected. The point of confusion is they won't use the move the trainer selected. It's basically as if the Pokémon runs into a wall and can't hear a thing you say (like the anime). Hope this helped!!!
Edit: Yeah, I forgot that you can still hit the opponent while confused, you just can't hit yourself with Draining Kiss while hitting YOURSELF during confusion.

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If you select a move, then your confused Pokemon has a 1/3 chance of hitting itself instead of using the move. This doesn't happen if you try to switch/recall it. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Status_condition
Oops yeah forgot to mention that sometimes you do hit the opponent during confusion. I was obviously hit with confuse ray while typing...
Ok. Thanks!