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I know it's just been discovered, but I just want to know whether it is exclusive to Sword, Shield, Pokemon home, the DLC, an event or has some other catch method.

I got the answer I posted it.

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It's gonna arrive when you get the Japanese tickets for the movie Coco. The tickets have to be pre-book tickets. The tickets for Zarude are gonna work at June 15th 2020.

Proof: https://nintendosoup.com/zarude-and-shiny-celebi-codes-announced-as-pre-booking-gifts-for-pokemon-coco/

Is that the ONLY way to get Zarude? Seems unfair that only people who choose to prebook tickets for a Japanese movie can get the Pokémon. Not only that, it's a bad idea to begin with considering the epidemic going on right now.
Yes this is the only way. I just checked the web. It hopefully will have a different way soon.
This is how new mythicals usually are—Japan gets it first (usually with a movie tie-in), and then the rest of the world gets it several months later.
yes, itsthe only way.