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My strategy is twofold, with questions pertaining to each aspect of the strategy:
- Can I get the Pearl Strings if my Furfrou kept its natural trim for fifteen days?
- Whether the answer to the previous question is yes or no, can I change the time on my 3DS to speed the process? If yes to the clock question, how exactly should I change the clock? Should I simply speed ahead fifteen days, or does the clock have to manually shift to the next day one time, or once for every day that passes?

I'd appreciate a step-by-step answer detailing the exact steps I should take in this quest to get those Pearl Strings.

What are the Pearl Strings for? Are you simply grindng money?
No, it does not work with natural trim. A furfrou keeps a trim for 5 days at a time, so on the 5th day, you would have to retrim it. You can skip time, but by 5 days at a time. On the day you skip to, retrim the furfrou.
Either that or you can’t skip
I'm pretty sure that this is like join avenue in gen 5, you can't skip time and if you do, it messes up the countdown

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