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So maybe this should be obvious but why give us two Pheonixes? (assuming Moltres is a Phoenix) ...so that’s my Q thanks for answering!

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you know what? that's actually a realy good point. why give us two legendary phoenix, and then make one so much stronger then the other.(the stronger one being ho-oh of course) AND what kind of a name is Ho-oh anyway?
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I feel like it's fine to ask about origins of Pokémon, most of them have pretty clear design and lore inspirations even or they're not confirmed

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Ho-Oh may be based on the legend of the phoenix, specifically the Fenghuang, the immortal phoenix of China from which it derives its name.

note: Ho-Oh's Chinese name is Fengwang.

It may also be based on the Huma bird, a legendary bird that is said to never rest, living its entire life flying continuously, and resurrects itself and others in its ashes and flames

Now, the Huma bird is something of Persian/Iranian origin, which is what I think Jhnfui was getting at.

On the other hand...

Moltres may be based on legends of firebirds such as the phoenix, the Slavic firebird, or the Bennu. It may also be based on the Japanese mythical bird known as 朱雀 Suzaku, guardian of the South, which is not a true phoenix.

Then again, the Bennu is Egyptian, but nonetheless there are various different understandings of the Phoenix throughout culture.

TL;DR: The answer to your question, essentially, is that many different legends of the Phoenix exist. Bulbapedia thinks Ho-Oh is of Perisan or Chinese origin, while Moltres is believed to be of Russian, Japanese, or Egyptian origin.

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Thanks that’s a good answer well researched too
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Ho-Oh, like its lesser counterpart Pokémon Moltres, is based on the legendary Phoenix, a creature of Greek Mythology also known as the Firebird (also the capital of Arizona) It is also based on the vermilion bird of the south. Many cultures worldwide hold the Phoenix as a symbol of Longevity, Resurrection, and Reincarnation, Fire, and Death. Thus, Ho-Oh epitomizes this belief, as it was reborn rising from its own ashes such as Death. It also used its vast powers to give new life to the first Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, after they perished in Ecruteak City's Burned Tower happily.

It is said that wherever a Ho-Oh flies, a beautiful rainbow appears behind it.