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i want to breed my blipbug to get a baby blipbug with sticky web, recover & supersonic

my grubbin will have sticky web, my caterpie who'll evolve into butterfree will have supersonic
& my shelmet that i'll catch will have recover

my blipbug is female

i'm probably right about this, but.... does the grubbin, butterfee & shelmet have to be male for the baby blipbug to have sticky web, supersonic & recover as egg moves?

thanks :3

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In order for them to breed at all, and still produce Blipbug offspring, the other partners would, by necessity, have to be male.  Otherwise no eggs.

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Yes, in order for egg moves to be passed down, both parents need to learn that move, or the male parent needs to know a move that the offspring is able to learn.
Source: The database's page on breeding.

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i've done the ' supersonic ' part of the plan & the ' sticky web ' part as well

I just need to get to route 7 to catch a male shelmet to get recover on my baby blipbug :3

edit: i have him... i'm currently leveling him up to get recover :3