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Can someone list all the stealth rock users with the following qualities?

  • Isn't 4x weak to any type
  • Isn't weak to ground type moves. Must be at least neutral to it
  • Has a reliable recovery that isn't rest
  • A bulky one with at least one good defensive stat
  • Preferably with a move that messes up boosters like haze or dragon tail. This one is optional

This if for both gen 6 and gen 7

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Ferrothorn. IT's just superior.
@SpillThePolteageist Ferrothorn is 4x weak to Fire. The question included "Isn't 4x weak to any type." Now, I know Ferrothorn is good, but it's not within the requirements of the question.

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Skarmory or Mew are your best options.
No 4x weakness, ground is neutral on Mew while Skarm is immune, both have Roost for reliable recovery, Skarmory is a physical defense monster while Mew has better HP and SpDef, and they both have Whirlwind for phazing.

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Is Skarmory the only one with those conditions?
Skarmory is probably your best option, but you second best option is Mew. Aerodactyl and Hippowdon both also fit all criteria, including a phazing move, while Clefable, Chansey/Blissey, Celebi, and Necrozma fit all the criteria excluding a phazing move.