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In Pokemon Ultra Sun, I have a Keldeo in my party, but when I take it to the move tutor in the Hano Grand Resort for learning Secret Sword, the gentleman just says "come back to me with a Keldeo or Meloetta.", so how should I make my Keldeo learn Secret Sword without trading?

How did you get your Keldeo?
I am doing a randomizer and I caught it. I don't know what the original randomized pokemon was. Will that affect Keldeo learning the move?
Is it one of those randomizers where everything is randomized?
Probably. I’ve watched someone play it. It’s not legit, I don’t think.
Is it resolute? If yes, then I don’t know

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If I'm not mistaken, Keldeo needs to be met "in a faithful encounter" (in other words, via event) to be taught it.

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Oh. Thanks!