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My Bellossom has Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Sleep Powder, and Magical leaf. She is holding a miracle seed. I know magical leaf can never miss and has more pp, however, when sleep powder misses/setting up solarbeam, she takes a few hits. Sometimes almost lethal. So I’m wondering if I should run Giga drain with the big root instead? Please lmk your thoughts.

Giga drain big root lol
Don't rely on giga drain for healing because the opponent might have high special defense, low HP, or resist grass. I think you should use sludge bomb to hit opponents that resist grass.

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For Giga Drain, its base power is 75. However:

If a Pokémon holding a Big Root uses a draining move or Strength Sap, it restores 30% more HP than it otherwise would. Additionally, a Pokémon holding a Big Root regains 30% more HP from Leech Seed, Ingrain and Aqua Ring.

If the user is holding a Big Root, the HP restored is increased by 30% (making the restored HP 65% of the damage dealt). Big Root does not increase the damage dealt.

For Magical Leaf, its base power is 60 and the Miracle Seed "Boosts the power of the holder's Grass-type moves by 20%"

This means that 60 x 1.2 = 72.

In conclusion, I'd recommend using Giga Drain due to its better power and open item slot.

(EDIT): In HGSS (AKA Gen IV), Giga Drain has base power of 60. So, in regards to Gen 4, I'd recommend using Magical Leaf w/Miracle Seed.

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Actually, Giga Drain only had 75 power starting in BW, having 60 BP prior.