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I know for sure that Computer Search has appeared on the versus ladder at least one time before. I know Jirachi TEU and Dedenne-GX UNB are both being released as promos. I want to invest my RCL packs into a card that will be valuable next set. Any of the vivid boxes, SR energies, tropical beach, etc. are too expensive. Computer Search would suit me well, but I don't want to run the risk of it becoming a versus ladder reward. If Computer Search appears often, please suggest another card. Dowsing Machine would be fine, but Computer Search is prefferable ideally. Thank you.

How is that relevant in terms of investment?
Because if Computer Search is on the versuss often, it wouldn't be a very good card to invest in. Basically, I just want to know the chances of it being on the versus ladder in the near future.
I find it unlikely that the same thing would be on the ladder twice. And even if it was, that doesn't affect the CHANCES that it will be up again.
I've heard that Computer Search has been on the versus ladder multiple times already. You don't agree that if it has frequently been a reward on the versus ladder in the past, it is more probable that it will happen again?

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