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Sorry if this is a bit much to ask, but I'm very curious to see what I'll be facing against.

I want to know the trainers of each tier, doubles and singles, and their Pokémon. Sources would be nice, and movesets would also be nice but that is definitely too much (but if you want to, I guess you could put the movesets). For this I really just want to think of good counters to these teams. Also, if there are any differences between SW/SH, I'm playing Shield.

Thanks!!! :)

If I recall correctly, people don't Dynamax until Master Ball Tier.  (Excluding Leon). I may be wrong though.
Hi! For now, here is a list of them on Bulbapedia.  If no one answers in a day or so, I'll try it. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Battle_Tower_Trainers_(Generation_VIII)
Wow that's a lot of trainers. I now feel bad :0
Oh, it’s fine :).  It’s definitely possible :]
Well, if whoever answers it deserves a bit of recognition and points :P
I suppose so lol

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https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15r_-iUngMDoA9ux7tCkUJLJVBeQhpIzEH7rju9fgWOQ/edit?usp=sharing is a sheet specifically for the Galar Tower. You can go to the Trainer Search tab and enter in a trainer name to see all the possible sets they're capable of using. At some point I can edit the list with endpoints as to what rank every trainer enters or leaves the rotation, but I don't have a credible list of those that makes sense.

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Oh wow that’s amazing! Tysm! :)